Rollout in 9 countries within 9 months

To establish itself as an independent company, Pulcra Chemicals needed to develop an IT organization, implement a new ERP solution, and automate multiple complex business processes, starting with Spain and Turkey. Up until that time, employees had used the SAP applications and processes of its parent company, which maintained a substantial IT operation and centralized many of its functions.

The implementation offered the opportunity to identify areas for improvement by defining new business processes, optimizing existing ones, setting up distributed business units to manage functions that had been centralized, and outsourcing noncore competencies. However, this type of analysis typically requires development of a blueprint, a lengthy process which was not feasible given the tight time frame, budget constraints, and small IT staff.

Pulcra Chemicals needed a solution that would immediately deliver most of the standardized processes used by chemical producers, while providing the flexibility to create and modify those processes to meet the company's specialized requirements.


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Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, China, India, Pakistan



The Project

SAP Business All-in-One

Establish an independent company, business processes, and systems. Ensure deployment of best practice processes for the chemical industry. Increase productivity and efficiency.

Cost-efficiently completed implementation on time. Deep knowledge and experience of the implementation partner. Leveraged 75% of SAP prebuilt processes. Successfully outsourced business functions as well as hardware and software maintenance. Team building and qualified people.

Added Value for Pulcra Chemicals

  • On-time and within-budget implementation
  • Simplified inventory control and reporting comparedto former SAP solution
  • More data transparency for greater insight into inventory movement
  • IT focus on business processes and operational efficiency

Quick Implementation with SAP Best Practices for Chemicals

The company determined that SAP Business All-in-One for Chemicals, based on SAP Best Practices for Chemicals, would best meet its extensive requirements while facilitating a rapid, cost-efficient deployment.

Built on the SAP ERP application, the solution provides preconfigured software that supports industry-standard business processes in the chemical industry. Especially well-suited for midsize and smaller chemical companies, these preconfigured business processes eliminated the need for a costly and timeconsuming blueprint and helped Pulcra Chemicals to meet its target date.

The ability to easily integrate the software was another deciding factor, as Pulcra Chemicals would continue to exchange data with its former parent, partners, suppliers, and service providers. In addition, because the parent company used SAP applications, the employees of Pulcra Chemicals were already familiar with the interfaces and automated processes, which would reduce training and ramp-up time when moving to the new solution.

Pulcra Chemicals combined its selection of SAP software with service hosting and application management provided by Seidor, its implementation partner and a member of United VARs. This enabled the company to meet its goal of outsourcing hardware and software maintenance.

Leveraging SAP Expertise to Streamline Business Processes

During the implementation, Pulcra Chemicals changed business processes to comply with the leading-edge practices as preconfigured in SAP Best Practices for Chemicals, using approximately 75% of the practices. At the same time, Seidor worked closely with the business process owners within the company to identify site-specific processes and interfaces that needed to be developed and integrated.

Based on its smaller size, compared to its former parent company, Pulcra Chemicals chose to shrink the number of interfaces, redesign its master data management, and reduce the complexity of its controlling and finance processes. As a result, new-materials numbering has simplified inventory control and reporting, the higher level of data transparency provides greater insight into inventory movement, and sales reporting is easier using divisions instead of profit centers as the basis for the reports. In addition, reducing the number of controlling elements simplified reporting to suit the company’s needs.

A key integration with the digital truckweighing station automates the vital road tanker process. This solution automatically captures the weights of incoming and outgoing transports. Connection with the former owner’s SAP laboratory system eases end-to-end order processing and allows testing data and results to be automatically transferred into the Pulcra Chemicals system via “IDocs” – the standard SAP format for electronic data interchange (EDI) between systems. And EDI established with a logistics provider means quick transmission of delivery changes.

Pulcra Chemicals has also been able to maximize its use of outsourcing because of the high level of standardization built into SAP Best Practices for Chemicals. The company has outsourced noncore functions, such as foreign trade, and eliminated technical maintenance with application support managed by Seidor. As a result, the IT team can stay focused on streamlining business functions.

Global Implementation Started

Today 500 Pulcra Chemicals employees use the company’s single, fast, and lean ERP solution. The solution was rolled out successfully to nine countries. Now the group is planning to extend the use of its SAP software to its operations in all the group subsidiaries.

Once the rollout is complete, Pulcra Chemicals will continue to concentrate on leveraging the industry-standard practices to optimize processes and increase efficiency and flexibility. It is also considering additional SAP software for customer relationship management.

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