Global SAP Implementation and Rollout into All Subsidiaries of VEGA

VEGA Grieshaber KG is a world-leading supplier of level, switching and pressure instrumentation. Established in 1959 in the Black Forest, VEGA today employs 900 people worldwide, 500 of whom are at the company's headquarters in Schiltach. VEGA is a reliable partner for all industries from both a technical and commercial viewpoint. VEGA sensors work reliably and accurately in very different and challenging applications, for example, in the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, in food processing and drinking water treatment, in sewage treatment plants, landfills, mining and energy generation, on drilling platforms, ships and even in aircrafts.

On the journey to achieve this strong position, VEGA always had one basic objective: the development of innovative, market leading products. In more than 70 countries, VEGA is actively represented with subsidiary companies and sales partners. In Europe alone, VEGA is present in 32 countries, in North and South America in 10 countries and in Africa, Asia and Australia in 30 countries. In each country, the company faced different legal requirements. Besides, there was a need for parallel go-live in different countries and homogenous project reporting.

Industry: Equipment for measurement technology
Products: Level, switching and pressure instrumentation
Employees: 900 worldwide

The Project

SAP Business All-in-One

Different legal requirements in each country. Parallel go-live in different countries. Homogenous project reporting

System installation in a very short time. Training of the VEGA-basis-team. All other countries will follow.

Added Value for VEGA

  • Reduce travel efforts and costs
  • Smooth communication between consultants from different companies
  • Very satisfied end-users due to support from local consultants

Service and Success in World Standards

VEGA decided on an SAP implementation to be realized with the help of United VARs. The goals of the project were harmonization of the finance system, working with native speaking consultants for end-users, and harmonization of reports and G/L.

VEGA chose to cooperate with United VARs because they enabled the involvement of the top SAP VARs in each country. Besides, there were obviously clear rules among the partners, so no disaccords happened. Clear and standardized project organization and communication was another important advantage offered by United VARs.

System Ready for Run

During the first phase of the SAP implementation, based on the SAP Business All-in-One solution “All for Automotive”, the system was installed and brought to “System-run” including training of the VEGA-basis-team in VEGA’s headquarter in Germany. This was done in a very short time, only in 11 weeks, between Kick-Off and “System-ready-for-run” at July 1st, 2009.

Only four weeks later, on August 1st, the first foreign subsidiary followed in Italy, and on January 11th 2010, Belgium, the Netherlands and France went live. The next countries will be England, Spain and the USA, before by and by all other countries will follow.

Why SAP?

  • Establish an independent company, business processes, and systems
  • Ensure deployment of best practice processes
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Local presence
  • Comprehensive solution appropriate to requirements and size of company
  • Strong integration capabilities

Involved Partners from United VARs

  • All for One Steeb (Project Management Worldwide)
  • Answerthink (USA)
  • Augusta Reeves (France)
  • ICM.S (Italy)
  • Seidor (Spain)
  • Processpartner (Switzerland)

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