United VARs ...how it works

On notification of an international SAP project the leading reseller involves the participating United VARs partners in the respective countries at the beginning of the sales-cycle. Thus participating partners are introduced to the customer before the project work actually begins.

Project planning is then discussed with the customer based on the specific requirements. In this process it doesn’t matter if the customer plans several independent projects in multiple subsidiaries or one central implementation with parallel or successive rollouts.

Normally, the negotiating United VARs partner assumes the roll of global contractor with total accountability for the project. It is the global contractor’s responsibility to integrate the other partners into the international project team and manage their activities centrally. It is up to the customer to order additional services directly from local partner involved in the project.

A steering-committee consisting of representatives from the global contractor, the customer and the participating United VARs partner is required to control quality and budget issues throughout the project.

United VARs. And your international SAP project will be successful.

Success Story LC Packaging

Success Story LC Packaging

Globally uniform, but still working on a country-by-country basis

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