United VARs ...services at a glance

For businesses that operate across international borders, United VARs is a global alliance of hand-selected, elite SAP resellers aligned to ensure the most successful local and international SAP implementations.

Unlike other SAP solution providers, United VARs’ members host SAP centers of excellence in more than 70 countries, ensuring relevant industry and technical expertise, as well as an intimate knowledge of local languages, cultures, customs/laws, requirements and formalities. Members of United VARs are deeply committed to providing innovative solutions for clients and helping them maximize the value of their investments in SAP software.  

Choosing United VARs, not only for ERP implementations

    One contract - one project leader. But local resources and know how.
    Not only a few consultants in a subsidiary. But the local champion in each country.
    For local and legal requirements. And for users' convenience.
    Global PCoE's and local support centers. 24x7 and in your language.
    United VARs is involved early in new SAP products and technology.
    Long-term partnership. All members are equal shareholders of United VARs LLP.

Customers have the choice of signing one global contract with the leading SAP partner or individual contracts with the local United VARs partners in the respective countries.

United VARs. And your international SAP project will be successful.

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Success Story Pulcra Chemicals

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