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Beating the Brexit Blues

Beating the Brexit Blues

Why subsidiary companies could be the answer

Brexit uncertainty has reached fever pitch in the UK in the run up to Christmas with MPs voting almost daily on motions threatening to bring down the government.

UK citizens are speechless as each twist and turn takes us further and further into the unknown. Everything is up for grabs from hard Brexit, soft Brexit to no Brexit at all.

So, while businesses STILL don’t know what is going to happen there have none the less been some moves to prepare. After all businesses that sell and buy from the EU need to have contingency plans in place which are flexible enough to cope with a wide range of outcomes.

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5 Countries, 5 Facts

5 Countries, 5 Facts

Your SAP Roll-out to a BRICS country

BRICS is the acronym for the combined emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. They come from Asia, Africa, Europe and America, and are all members of the G20. Collectively they account for around 42% of the world’s population and around 26% of the world’s land mass. Analysts have speculated that by the year 2050, these five economies will be…

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