Iberchem Group

Iberchem Group is a leading global fragrance manufacturer based in 19 countries. They consolidated its global accounting data with SAP in a single financial year. Hand in hand with Seidor and it’s global network of leading SAP Partners called “United VARs”, Iberchem Group bet for the implementation of SAP Business Suite ECC to increase security in critical business processes, and maintain a stable and common database for all subsidiaries of the Group.

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Series production,
Murcia, Spain
Company size
> 500 employees

Iberchem Group, with the support of SAP, will be able to double the size of their business within in the next 5 years

About Iberchem Group

Founded in 1985 in Murcia, Iberchem Group is a global manufacturer of fragrances and aromas, that they create for brands around the world. With different divisions, specialised, on one hand, in the manufacture of fragrances for fine perfumery, personal care products, home care, textile care and ambience products and on the other hand, under the name Scentium, Iberchem designs custom flavors for sweet salt applications and beverages. Iberchem has 20 centres and 8 production plants strategically located around the world. It also has a commercial presence in more than 120 countries and an annual growth of more than 16% in the last 7 years.

Iberchem Group bet hand in hand with Seidor, and it’s global network of leading SAP Partners called “United VARs”, for the implementation of SAP Business Suite ECC with three objectives: To strengthen its position in the international market of fragrances and aromas, to increase security in critical business processes, and maintain a stable and common database for all subsidiaries of the Group.

Challenges and opportunities

  • To have a flexible technology platform that would enable the company's continued strong international growth.
  • To seek a homogenisation of processes among all the business areas and the different subsidiaries of the group.
  • To integrate, within in a single solution, financial information and administrative management, as well as the coordination of technical projects, from the creation of a formula to the exit of the finished product from the warehouse.
  • Different localisation challenges(laws, languages, time zones) in China, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Italy, South Africa and Dubai. (e.g.: The new GST Tax System in India)

Benefits after implementation

  • Having a more sophisticated and integrated system, without having to face the risks of "stops" for its implementation.
  • Increase safety in critical business processes, from sale to production.
  • The implementation of SAP Business Suite ECC, and the successive roll-overs, have allowed us to have a homogeneous working system at a global level with multi-currencies and multi-languages.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced interruptions with a proactive, preventive and corrective maintenance.

In a single year, Iberchem Group has been able to consolidate its accounting data with SAP, adjusted to the requirements of the majority shareholder.

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“For Iberchem Group, SAP is a guarantee of success in our international activities and in our commitment to offer flexibility and high quality to our customers." José Balibrea, CFO, Iberchem Group

Why SAP and United VARs?

SAP is an excellent operational system, for the international coordination of your activities and with the precision necessary to offer high quality products.

Iberchem opted for SAP after analysing other solutions such as Navisión or Axapta among others. The possibility that the SAP platform offered for the decentralisation of the company in subsidiaries (including production), multi-currency, multi-language and the idea of a future investment that did not require a change of systems for a long time.

When choosing a partner, there were two significant aspects: Global reach and Local excellence. As a founding partner of United VARs, Seidor has contributed to set up an alliance of leading SAP parnters in over 90 countries that count on a high level of SAP experience and in-depth industry know-how for the mid-market in their representative country. Localisation issues could be solved by the UVARs partners Seidor, Anwerthink (India), and Seidor Westrocon (South Africa)

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