HMD Global Oy

Re-launch of Nokia mobile devices globally including business transformation from on-premise in-house manufacturing to outsourced production and cloud based solutions. HMD Global selected SAP Cloud ERP ByD and Sofigate with its global United VARs partner network.

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High Tech,
Espoo, Finland
Company size
> 500 employees

About HMD Global Oy

HMD Global Oy is the new home of Nokia mobile devices. Nokia is known around the world for its history of innovation, including mobile phones. As the new home of Nokia phones, HMD will write the next chapter for these products. HMD plans for its future Nokia branded smartphones and tablets to run on the Android operating system, uniting one of the world’s iconic mobile brands with the leading mobile software and app development community.

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Project Overview: Jump-Starting the Global Business with Business ByDesign

Key Challenges & Objectives

  • Fixed and tight schedule: Prioritization for time and budget savings
  • Limited resources: Efficient resource allocation management
  • Evolving business model: Efficient communication, quick reaction time
  • HMD Global Oy business model should be transformed from in-house manufacturing to an outsourced model, as well as transforming Information Technology according to best practices in the cloud environment
  • Set up business in multiple countries quickly and perform transformation, establish business model, and deploy underlying cloud solution simultaneously
  • Qualitative and quantitative business objectives including no business disruption, IT cost reduction

Project Highlights

  • Fast delivery for a global start-up business
    • Project started in October 2016, phased deployment for over 33 countries only in 9 months
  • Innovative change management plan including training, communication and virtual teams
  • Trust and shared vision between IT and Business
  • Stakeholder impact analysis, targeted actions, designed and detailed Cutover plan
  • Committed and enthusiastic resources, start-up spirit!
  • Following qualitative and quantitative business objectives were achieved:
    • No business disruption during implementation
    • Legal entities set up in time and migrations from legacy systems completed, enabling ramp down of legacy systems
    • 70% of IT run cost reduction
    • Reduced complexity by moving to Cloud environment

Added Value for HMD Global Oy

  • Business Transformation from on-premise manufacturing to outsourced production and cloud best practices business processes
  • Entire business - in approximately 40 countries - running on SAP Business ByDesign
  • 33 companies live with SAP Business ByDesign within 9 months
  • Ability to implement unique industry capabilities, for example, managing what is released to which sales channel, thanks to add-ons
  • Global solution enabling future business growth

Why Sofigate and United VARs

  • Modern, lean IT solution with built-in support for business best practices that can be leveraged right away
  • Option to expand scope to support growth, with easy rollout to bring additional locations on board
  • Local Finnish partner Sofigate was the main solution provider for the SAP Business ByDesign deployment, with regional proximity to the customer and still having its global presence through an associated global network of United VARs and experienced partners in the core project team:

Contact Person

Name: Sari Mikkonen
Position: Business Executive
Address: Tekniikantie 12, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Phone: +358 50 549 6598
United VARs member: Sofigate, Finland

"We set up a global business to work with world-class manufacturing and distribution providers. Despite the tight time frame, SAP Business ByDesign moved as fast as we did." Florian Seiche, Presiddent and Acting CEO, HMD Global Oy


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