Remote working and business continuity

Which tools and which company culture is needed to work from home virtually?

Offerings by All for One Steeb, Netizen, TerraLink, Seidor Spain and Origo

Productivity package for remote work

by All for One Steeb, Germany

The "productivity package" by All for One Steeb supports businesses in using the full potential of the virtual collaboration tools. And, it promises increased productivity of remote teams and executives in just one week.

10 IT Solutions - Cloud Technology focusing on Software Reform

by Netizen, Thailand

Netizen offers guidelines and perspectives for each organization to prepare 10 IT solutions , which include: IP PBX telephone system, Online Document Software, Video conference platforms, File sharing platforms, Project management system, Cloud ERP i-Tax-Invoice, HR Cloud System, CCTV Cloud System and Workflow Approval Process.

Quick Launch Microsoft Teams

by All for One Steeb, Germany

The goal of quick lauch "Microsoft Teams" package is to provide employees with the ability to collaborate with others and stay productive. With this package companies are ready for digital (collaboration) work at short notice.

Package Remote Workstations

by All for One Steeb, Germany

With this package All for One Steeb provides support to remote workstations for employees. It includes VPN Access, Email & Co and Service Desk 24/7.

Best home office equipment

by Origo, Iceland

Origo has compiled a fraction of the best in teleworking and meeting equipment for the employees and also prepared a blog about 5 ways to facilitate telework.

Tools to succeed in quarantine

by TerraLink, Kazakhstan

TerraLink provides some tips on how enterprises can use new ways to work and to navigate a path through the Coronavirus crisis.

Free Consulting Services

by Seidor, Spain

Seidor Spain provides free and direct consulting services to its customers during these hard times for solving any issues they have. The services are offered both by telephone (918255442) and through email ( ).

HR: Human Capital Management (HCM) and Short Time Working

How to quickly set up country- specific programs in your HCM systems, e.g. for short-time working?

Offerings by All for One Steeb, KWP Inside Hr & TalentChamp, 2BM, Sofigate, The Hackett Group/ Answerthink and Seidor Spain

HR Solution Packages for Corona

by KWP Inside HR & TalentChamp

This solution package for SAP HCM is available in Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland and includes the following short-time work allowance, "quarantine loan", time recording for home office, secure payroll and cloud learning.

2BM COVID 19 package for SAP HR and SuccessFactors

by 2BM, Denmark

2BM has prepared a "package" for handling the employees affected by COVID-19, which includes functionality for registering reimbursable absences such as disease due to COVID-19 infection, return due to presumed infection with COVID-19 and returns with compensation.

HR Checklist for dealing with Corona Crisis

by The Hackett Group / Answerthink, USA

The Hackett Group created an HR Checklist for Dealing With the Coronavirus Crisis. It includes 6 steps to protect employees, manage business risks and maintain engagement.

Seidor GENSAM: employee productivity and activity management solution

by Seidor, Spain

During the corona times, all of the organizations started using the benefits of home office and remote working. Seidor GENSAM is Seidor's recent solution for monitoring the activities of remote work teams, and for analyzing their productivity in the use of corporate tools.

Cash-flow, Liquidity and Reporting System

How to monitor your Cash Flow and ensure enough liquidity in your company?

Initiatives by Serrala, ProcessPartner, The Hackett Group/ Answerthink, InCloud Solutions and Detaysoft.

Optimized payments & Liquidity

by Serrala, Global Solution Partner

Serrala provides three things companies can do right now to meet the challenge of COVID-19 in their finance departments, including preserving vendor credit lines, effectively monitoring Accounts Receivable balances and paying closer attention to billing and shipping accuracy.

Liquidity Guide

by All for One Group / ProcessPartner, Switzerland

Liquidity Guide shows how service providers keep their liquidity high in long-term and reduce the process costs related to invoicing at the same time.

Conserve Cash in disruptive times

by The Hackett Group, Answerthink, USA

The Hackett Group shows companies how to conserve cash in the face of major disruptions through a sustained and focused working capital improvement initiative, which includes accounts receivable, inventory and payables.

InCloud Express Financials

by In Cloud Solutions, UK

InCloud Express Financials can be implemented remotely for a fixed price and in as little as 4 weeks with a range of optional add-ons including Projects, Distribution & SCM. It is pre-packaged, has standard functionality designed to simplify customer's projects and minimize associated risks with the results by the end of first month .

Zero Based Budgeting with SAP SAC

by Detaysoft, Turkey

While the ways of doing business are changing rapidly, budgeting approaches are also changing! To keep up with the “new world”, choose the Zero Based Budget approach. Use Detaysoft’s fast, flexible and user-friendly Z+Pack solution, manage your operational expenses with Zero Based Budgeting.

New Ways of Learning

How to best invest this time to set up teaching tools and techniques to invest in your development.

Initiatives by KWP Inside HR & TalentChamp, ExD, Seidor MENA, InCloud Solutions, Seidor Spain and Detaysoft.

Cloud Learning Package

by KWP Inside HR & TalentChamp, Germany

KWP Inside HR & TalentChamp provide with cloud learning including finished training content and with the ability to use free capacities sensibly and train employees further with SAP Litmos Ready-to-use.

Risk Consulting Services

by ExcellenceDelivered, Pakistan

In wake of Corona Crisis, ExcellenceDelivered decided to deliver free consultation services to the businesses, which include Learning Management System(LMS), Remote Office Connectivity, Conversational AI and Cyber security.

Seidor Onboarding and Solution Offerings

by Seidor MENA

Seidor MENA provides weekly sessions to coach and train employees for fast SAP on-boarding, which includes Remote Work Pulse(RWP) by Qualtrics and SAP ARIBA Discovery.

Podcast on Sales and Marketing during the crisis

by In Cloud Solutions, UK

The podcast is specifically designed to help employees with ideas and to provide a piece of advice on how to relate to customers when no one really knows what’s going on.

Training Planner Package

by Detaysoft, Turkey

When working remotely due to coronavirus precautions, do not omit your training plans! With Detaysoft’s SAP-qualified Learn+ SuccessFactors LMS and Training Planner Package, create a continuous learning culture even in remote working conditions.

Cycle of Webinars

by Seidor, Spain

Seidor Spain launched Cycle of Webinars, the goal of which is to provide users with practical guidelines for operating their companies in an agile way to obtain the maximum value from technology during coronacrisis. Webinars will be 30 minutes long and are free.

Coronavirus creates unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide, from keeping staff, customers and partners safe, to continuing to service clients, protecting the business and preparing to emerge from the crisis stronger and ready for the challenges to come.

United VARs members can help you to overcome this by offering services with the above mentioned topics: Remote Working, HCM, Cash Flow and Liquidity Systems, and New Ways of Learning. Businesses will get through this with team working, discipline, adaptability, and empathy and care for everyone affected. United VARs members are qualified and highly awarded SAP partners in approximately 100 countries that help you to keep your businesses running; during as well as after the Corona Crisis.

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