This recognition became possible due to constant work on improvements within the company, constant innovations, and relentless movement forward. We are working hard to increase out team of experts and to expand the range of expert industries.

We offer domestic business the best IT solutions and SAP technologies. This helps our clients to optimize their business processes. Part of the manual work handled by artificial intelligence. This makes it possible to focus on business development and solve global problems without distraction to solving routine tasks which require time, energy, and inspiration.

United VARs advances strict requirements to association members, which include the following:

  • experience — AGELESS has been working since 2006,
  • number of clients — more than 80,
  • development potential — high,
  • SAP Gold Partner status — assigned.

According to United VARs analysis, AGELESS is the only company that has been recognized as a worthy candidate out of 15 local SAP partners in Ukraine, because it meets all the requirements. Experts both took into account the key criteria and assessed the following:

  • sales volume and successful cases,
  • staff of certified specialists,
  • level of qualification of specialists.

Membership in United VARs allows obtaining SAP Platinum Partner status which is deemed to be the highest status among SAP partners. Other membership advantages include:

  • cooperation between association members,
  • joint access to resources and innovations,
  • increased number of projects among international customers,
  • participation in general meetings.

«Signing the United VARs Association membership agreement is a very important and outstanding event for AGELESS. Membership opens up the international market for our company, we get expanded opportunities to adopt practical experience of peer companies, and expand the prospects for further development. I am convinced that owing to United VARs membership we will offer AGELESS customers even more effective solutions for business, automation, and optimization of processes within companies», summed up the CEO of AGELESS Yurii Kurlianchyk.

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