- 28th June 2019, Seol, Korea -

BSG Partners is delighted to join United VARs and demonstrate their support of SAP-related new technologies across the world.

BSG maintains its No. 1 position in the SAP market in Korea and has rolled out numerous projects, moving beyond Korean borders into the global markets. In this process, the United States, Indonesia and China corporations were established. BSG joined United VARs to respond to the ever-expanding global project and to enable them to be part of an international network of market-leading SAP solution providers: United VARs with a network across 90 countries with 10,000+ SAP consultants supporting 8,000+ customers.

Coming together with members of United VARs, BSG are in the company of reliable partners, sharing our experiences, our strengths and our knowledge, to make sure the project is successful for our customers. That is the whole idea of United VARs.

What are Business opportunities in Korea?

The Korean market is undergoing many changes such as responding to S/4HANA convergence, switching to the Cloud environment, and digital transformation. BSG looks forward to leading the new SAP market with SAP and members of United VARs.

Detlef Mehlmann, Managing Director of United VARs said “United VARs is the biggest SAP Reseller in the world with a presence in more than 90 countries. Korea is one of the leading industry nations and it is evident that United VARs also needs a local presence in Korea. We are happy that with BSG Global, we have found one the most successfull SAP partners in Korea. Their skills and experience perfectly fit the requirements of United VARs, and we are looking forward to many business opportunities.“

Which Competences does BSG offer?

In Korea, BSG Global won the 16th SAP Competency of AWS in the world. Furthermore, BSG is equipped with a response system for markets that are converted into Cloud environments and it is expected that the project will be able to cooperate with foreign corporations in the USA, China, and in Southeast Asia. In addition, they are actively conducting Business ByDesign business for Low-GB.

About BSG Partners

BSG Partners provided SAP solutions in ASP format for the first time in South Korea. It is best suited to delivering true ‘one-stop service’ solutions to customers, from establishing IT strategies to carrying out business processes/designs, to building and managing information systems. BSG Partners understands the trends of the global market and the overall development of the IT sector and, based on its full range of service capabilities, the objective is to ensure that the unique needs and quality of service for diverse corporate clients overseas, are met and satisfied. BSG Partners is an “Advanced” partner in operator Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Contact information for BSG Partners Co,. Ltd.

Location: 06237 BSG Building, 21 Nonhyeon-ro 85-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-924 W https://www.bsgglobal.com | E bsginfo@bsgglobal.com Global Office: Alabama, USA / Xian, China / Jakarta, Indonesia Telephone: 02-6730-3200 | FAX: 02-771-7236

About United VARs

United VARs is a leading alliance of SAP solution providers for the midmarket. It consists of 50 market-leading VARs (Value Added Resellers) operating in over 90 countries, with 10,000 certified SAP consultants services over 8,000 customers worldwide. To ensure the best possible service for SAP customers, potential member companies of United VARs must research and consult with SAP to ensure that they are among the best in their region.

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