- 27th August 2019, Mannheim, Germany -

Make the Move to S/4 HANA more predictable, be more agile in execution, and obtain results earlier:

Q-nnect is very proud to become a solution partner to United VARs and to bring a game changing new technology to this premier network of 10.000+ SAP consultants across 90 countries.
The increasing number of S/4 HANA deployments presents a superb business opportunity, but more and more also a challenge on the availability of resources delivering the transformations within customers budget and timing expectations.

What would you say if there is a way to

  • Obtain insights into the legacy ERP’s on data quality via a plug & play connectivity?
  • Assess actual process usage and subsequent re-design effort during program definition phase?
  • Create transformation logic via graphical UI’s transparent to every project member?
  • Test much earlier the conversion to S/4 HANA with smaller easy to adjust update models?

Platform Q! enables United VARs members to calculate more attractive conversion proposals and to deliver transformations at significant lower risk.

Platform Q! is designed to significantly accelerate digital initiatives in any firm and to complement consulting methodologies. A rich set of functionalities such as connecting to any source, analyzing data, creating transparent transformation models, performing data enrichment, performing calculations on data, writing into target systems such as S/4 - AND – integrating back to Legacy until their end of life if required, makes every person driving or working on S/4 migrations much more effective and creates project savings of minimum 30% compared to traditional approaches.

Platform Q! is very easy to learn. Hence Consultants and their customers can develop a very interactive and collaborative working style, validating new requirements with instant prototypes more quickly and thus achieving milestones earlier.

Alexander Herfort, Head of Business Development at United VARs, said “Q-nnect provides a platform on which data migrations can be easily packaged and reused. And the best of all is, that programming skills are not required, even an average technically skilled key user is able to set up the rules.

Reusing simple methodologies to create migration procedures reduces the investment in every project, which leads to a much faster ROI. That is why we think that Platform Q! is a very promising contributor to every United VAR member involved in transformation projects.”

About Q-nnect

Q-nnect is a young software company located in Mannheim, Germany. Platform Q! is a semantic integration platform build on cloud architecture principles. We are driven by our commitment to empower business responsibles to achieve process change across business departments and to accelerate self-service IT initiatives. Our portfolio contains successful use-cases across all industries for S/4 HANA migration, Mergers & Acquisition, end-to-end Supply Chain, Reporting and Business Simulation for large data volumes.
More: ww.q-nnect.com

Contact: Benedikt Herrmann
Managing Director
e: benedikt.herrmann@q-nnect.com
p: +49621 15028560

About United VARs

United VARs is a leading alliance of SAP solution providers for the midmarket. It consists of 50 market-leading VARs (Value Added Resellers) operating in over 90 countries, with 10,000 certified SAP consultants serving over 8,000 customers worldwide. To ensure the best possible service for SAP customers, potential member companies of United VARs must research and consult with SAP to ensure that they are among the best in their region.

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