United VARs is committed in 2020 to support a CSR Project for orphan children in Tanzania, Africa. Children are the hardest hit by poverty and injustice, therefore we are very pleased that Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. will directly work on-site to take care of the children to create better living conditions for them. Read more about the project.

This project includes building an orphanage for 60 children with an integrated school for 150 pupils, that will include the orphans in Tanzania. Kleine Hilfsaktion will buy the property area. With the money collected by United VARs, they will pay for the construction of the building, which is estimated to be around 30k – 35k EUR.

This is the minimum amount we have pledged to collect; however any additional donations will be able to raise capacity and give more orphans a home and children the opportunity to study. After all, United VARs will support this project with 40k EUR, which also includes voluntary donations from its member companies.

The more donations received, then a higher amount of children are able to receive the basics for a hopeful future.

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Kleine Hilfsaktion is a small non-profit association based in Germany, that is eager to provide help in a very direct and non-bureaucratic manner, and has collaborated with United VARs before for Project: WASH.

"I am delighted to see how our partners not only work relentlessly to make our joint customers successful but also share in SAP’s passion for purpose. KleineHilfsaktion and the United VARs' School and Orphanage project in Tanzania are wonderful initiatives to support orphans. Both reflect our admiration for the strength and resilience shown by these young people."

Adaire Fox-Martin, Executive Board Member SAP

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