Company objectives, principles, and values

Following the best-of-breed strategy when it comes to selecting our members, we strive for offering a complete and superior solution portfolio for our customers. Therefore, we are eager to cooperate not only for international projects, but also when it comes to exchanging knowledge, experience and solutions.

Vision Statement

Be the leading global alliance of SAP solution providers in business processes, applications and platforms.

Mission Statement

Being the largest SAP reseller, we connect best-of-breed SAP solution providers globally, providing access to shared resources, experiences and solutions, across the members‘ portfolio, external partners and SAP
This includes: portfolio solutions, the management of international projects and cross-sales opportunities.


Our values are the guiding principles for the behaviour towards our members, customers and external parties. Following these values describes our corporate culture and is basis for our commercial success.


Working across international boundaries requires both expertise and confidence. At United VARs, we foster partnerships and friendships, because the cooperation within United VARs is key to our success. Trust is a key expectation of our international consultants, along with CEOs of our member companies.


United VARs members have on average 10 years of experience as SAP solution providers. Our focus concentrates on the implementation, consultation, optimization and integration of ERP processes. United VARs has a close link to SAP SE and focuses on the contribution of innovative solutions.


The whole is more than the sum of the parts: United VARs thrives and depends upon the cooperation and knowledge exchange of its members. Although we have different backgrounds, we share the same goals and values and benefit from each other's contribution.


As United VARs members are independently working companies, exceptional commitment is required. For this reason we put great effort into the involvement of management within our partner organizations. Each United VARs project is a C-level priority.


United VARs has the highest status as SAP Platinum Partner, this is thanks to outstanding performance of members. Only hand-selected SAP solution providers and national market leaders are accepted within the alliance.

Our principles at a glance: This is what United VARs members stand for


We form an alliance of hand-selected SAP solution providers represented in over 100 countries worldwide.


Our members cooperate on an international scale for roll-outs, project management, experience exchange and
shared ressources.


We have the highest SAP
status as Platinum Partner. This gives us access to
global SAP and its financial and educational ressources.


Our Centers of Excellence
provide new and shared content, supported with tailored education by global SAP.


Our members have access to joint premium solutions & technologies.

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