United VARs Academy

Driving Customer Business Value together

UVARs Academy is not a collection of lectures but a transformative and multi-cultural experience , with a unique interdisciplinary approach that places your customer at the centre, and aims to build an space for a deep reflection on your role and a new look into the future ... inspiring a leap to a new way of consulting .

  • One week 100% organised on-site training open to all members offered in 3 locations:

Barcelona, Spain: 22nd – 26th of April 2024

Toronto, Canada: 13th – 17th of May 2024

Tokyo, Japan (previously Bangkok): 11th – 15th of November 2024


Rethink your role as consultant and the skills, qualities and values that will drive your success and your company's in the new paradigm.

Learn the key factors to drive successful international projects and how United VARs can help along the customer value journey.

Understand multi-cultural environments and organizational and personal biases in order to develop optimal strategies to drive change.

Exchange insights and experiences with other selected professionals worldwide to inspire a new way of doing things moving forward.

Check out last years Bangkok 2023 Academy!

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Which location will you attend?

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Where will it take place?

  • Barcelona, Spain : SAP Barcelona- Torre Diagonal Mar, C/ de Josep Pla, 2 13, 08019 Barcelona, Spain
  • Toronto, Canada: Illumiti's Offices - 123 Commerce Valley Drive East, 3rd floor, Thornhill, ON L3T 7W8
  • Tokyo, Japan: Cresco's Offices (address to come)

Who should join?

  • Consultants 2 years + experience OR Consultants 10 years + experience / Project managers
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How much will it cost?

  • €1900 per attendee or €2600 per attendee plus hotel
    (Please note: 50% deposit will be invoiced to secure your spot)

What do you receive at the end?

  • Final certificate from United VARs Academy
  • 1 SAP Certification Hub voucher
  • World Class Multicultural / International Experience

What is the dress code?

  • Business-casual

See Example Agenda from Bangkok 2023 below:

Manuel Lopez

LinkedIn is the SAP Partner Business School global director. Creativity, simplicity and empathy are non-negotiable values to his insight-driven mind. Manuel's stories, collected throughout the world, will aim to trigger your wish for change, and to cut through complexity finding the heart of the matter-simply.

Alex Herfort

is the Global Director of Business Development at United VARs and Lecturer in ERP, BPM, Digitalization at the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen.


Mike Greene

Is the Principal and SAP Business Applications Practice Lead at The Hackett Group in US. Mike's wide experience in delivering international projects will help succeed in multi-cultural environments.


Flor Bicain

is Senior Business Development Manager at United VARS and the global responsible for different COEs as Customer Success practice and CXM.


Emily Rebman

is Business Development Manager at United VARS and the global responsible of this Global academy. Originally from Australia she is now based in Germany. LinkedIn

The Hosts & Facilitators


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