United VARs Academy in a Nutshell

  • One Week of onsite training in an attractive city in Europe
  • 100% organized training
  • Packed program
  • Final Assessment & United VARs Academy Certificate
  • 1 SAP Certification Hub Voucher
  • Exclusively for Young Consultants with 2-3 years of experience, for all products (S/4, CX, Analytics, etc.), from United VARs Member Companies

Learning targets for attendees

International Project Skills

  • How to plan/pitch/execute an international project?
  • What is a common project approach to execute a global project?
  • Which topics in an international SAP Project need special attendance and awareness?

Intercultural Experience

  • Understand your behaviour/feelings and yourself by reflecting your cultural background.
  • Understand others with a different cultural background better
  • Realise that differrent culture and diverse teams are a chance

Watch the 2:30 min video about the first United VARs Academy 2022

Trainers from United VARs Academy 2022

United VARs Academy

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