- 30th March, Duesseldorf, Germany -

Dear United VARs members, partners and customers,

As almost the entire world fights the Corona virus, United VARs is naturally fully committed to protecting our employees’ health and well-being.
Beyond this, we are harnessing the power of remote collaboration to strengthen the bonds between our members, to emerge stronger when the virus is defeated, while always remembering our wider duty to humanity at this challenging time.
We are working together to address the business challenges which the virus creates, continuing to support and enable our members and clients, and seizing the opportunity to improve the business through those initiatives we can continue to progress. Effective collaboration is key to meeting this unprecedented challenge, alongside discipline and humanity, and we are enormously grateful for the invaluable contributions which individual members are making in this collaborative effort.

We continue to onboard new members, our Centres of Excellence are taking forward several initiatives agreed at the CEO summit in February and we continue to push the United VARs brand across social media. We are growing our collaboration capability, increasing the frequency of our member forum calls, and promoting and strengthening use of United VARs’ JAM collaboration platform.
We have ongoing improvement projects to improve the quality of our membership and contacts data and our back-office automation, and use analytics to gain greater insights on revenue opportunities. Times like these highlight the moral imperative of corporate social responsibility, and we are duly bringing forward our main CSR project to build an orphanage in Tanzania.

Our Members have made their own commitments to work through this crisis, providing maximum support to their customers, and being ready to forge ahead with renewed strength and energy when it ends. You can find links to these at the end of this announcement.

Coronavirus will be defeated through collaboration, discipline and humanity. At United VARs we are applying those same qualities to ensure our members and clients weather the storm and emerge stronger than before, #strongerthancorona and still #strongerthanone.

Detlef Mehlmann
Managing Director United VARs

List of United VARs member companies' announcements

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ICM.S: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/icm%2Es_smartworking-forwardtogether-insiemepossiamofarcela-activity-6648206494393212928-i4KW
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Announcements from the United VARs Management Board

John McGrath, Managing Director, Answerthink & Director, United VARs LLP: "It is important we all meet our responsibilities to each other and stay healthy and slow the spread of the virus. This is perhaps one of the most difficult periods we’ve had to endure in business but what has been amazing is the resilience of our employees and our clients during this emergency. People have found new ways to work effectively and continue to meet our commitments. As a community we are truly stronger than one.

Alejandor Daniel O‘Davoren, Deputy Managing Director, Seidor & Director, United VARs LLP: Following the recommendations of our Health Authorities, Seidor in Spain (one of the worst hit countries by Covid-19) seamlessly balanced its full workforce to remote work in just 24 hours, providing full continuity of our services to our Customers.

Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO, All for One Group AG & Chairman of the Steering Committee, United VARs LLP: We prioritized all of our activities following our attitude: Priority 1 - Health of our Employees. Ensure to keep our people healthy and slowdown the spreadth of the virus. Priority 2 - Keep our business going. Deliver remotely and offer dedicated solution packages. Priority 3 - EBIT contribution of everone. Ask every employee to ensure the EBIT according to their responsibilities.

Ronnie Sung, Managing Director, DynaSys Solutions Limited & Director, United VARs LLP: To embrace these challenges, we will take the following actions: 1. Make sure all staff working in a healthy and safe environment; 2. Keep our staff morale up and positive; 3. Establish a right and new business model. As the old saying goes: “Opportunities are only for the people who are prepared!” We never expected the COVID-19, but we are prepared to capture the opportunity out there. Let’s stay healthy and stay positive.

Tracy Zhou, CEO, Acloudear & Member SAP Cloud Products for Mainland China, United VARs LLP: After putting the right actions in place, business seems to slowly come back in China. Resources are booked pretty good and we estimate already some deals to be closed soon. We acted without panic: It is a crisis but it is also an opportunity. We work it out together!

stronger than one