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The beginning of 2023 was marked by the fact that one of our participants received SAP Platinum status. United VARs is proud that a very strong player has appeared on the Lithuanian market, ready to support local and international companies in their technology transformation.

ACBaltica is a new brand to the Lithuanian market, but behind this brand is a team with 20+ years of experience working with the SAP portfolio. The team was relocated from Belarus, where they completed hundreds of SAP integration projects for leading companies in Eastern Europe. With this relocation, the team can guarantee sustainable work and help European customers benefit from their expertise and domain knowledge.

United VARs global alliance

ACBaltica achieved platinum status in the new region thanks to its membership in United VARs. This is a fairly flexible approach for SAP that shows loyalty and support to its partners at the right time – as we in United VARs do, too.

Membership in the alliance gives ACBaltica the confidence that it will become stronger and more visible in the market. Clients from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries as well as from the Lithuanian market now gain a highly professional team – and can also benefit from extensive international experience of more than 70 other members of the alliance.

During these 20 years, ACBaltica’s team has been developing, implementing and supporting enterprise-level software solutions based on SAP products. They have successfully completed hundreds of projects in dozens of industries and know how to get the most out of SAP solutions and turn them into added business value.

ACBaltica shared some of the benefits that clients get from working with them - the following points are written by ACBaltica:

  • Flexible and agile. Every business is unique: as is our approach towards every customer. Whether you’re an SME with dozens of employees or a large enterprise with thousands of workers, we can help you leverage the potential of SAP solutions.
  • Deep expertise in SAP solutions. With our decades-long experience, we know how to custom-tailor SAP products for any size company in multiple industries. You can benefit from our experience!
  • Knowledge of all existing versions of SAP products and solutions. We have experience working with a vast majority of SAP products in any existing version. If you use the outdated version of an SAP product, we will help you make the most of it – or help you migrate to the updated release.
  • Competitive prices and in-depth expertise. With our delivery center in Eastern Europe and 20+ years of experience with SAP, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit both your needs and budget.
  • Diverse industry knowledge. We have experience integrating SAP for 10+ industries. We know how to advance with SAP products – no matter the industry.
  • 140+ SAP developers and consultants. We have enough resources to provide you with efficient assistance at any stage of your project.

Find out more about ACBaltica here

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