- Ratingen, Germany, September 1, 2023 -

Since 2019, United VAR has partnered with NGO, Kleine Hilfsaktion, to sponsor projects around the world working to alleviate the suffering of the poorest people on earth.

We started with bringing fresh water to students in Cambodia; then building an orphanage for 60 children with an integrated school for 150 pupils in Tanzania; improving the living conditions and health of 100+ children from rural areas in Argentina; supporting three families in Romania with water supply, electricity and construction work in their homes; and, due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine in 2022, 80% of the funds for the Romania fund were allocated to supporting Ukraine orphans.

All projects are supported by members of the United VARs alliance, and the important fact is that each of them is proposed by a member. Our current project in Pakistan was recommended by Excellence Delivered (ExD) Pvt Ltd in Lahore.

Local NGO, Grass-Root Organization for Human Development (GODH), has been running 20 schools in 20 slums in Lahore for many years. During an orientation trip in March 2023, Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. (KhA), was able to get an idea of the living conditions of the children in the slums and inspect one of the schools. While the poverty suffered by the children was sobering, it was evident that the schools were providing essential services to the communities but needed more assistance.

United VARs CSR Project 2023 involves renovating one of the 20 schools and constructing three more schools in three other slums in the region.

Primary Goal of CSR 2023: Pakistan

The primary goal of the program is the education of street children. However, the program also assists families living in the slums in obtaining legal documents such as birth certificates and ID cards, which are essential to access various government services. Additionally, a health component of the program includes health camps and awareness sessions on hygiene and sanitation. Furthermore, the parents of the children are given the opportunity to learn new skills that allow them to better protect their children in a challenging social environment.

All program initiatives aim to address problems of (educational) poverty, illiteracy and lack of access to essential services and to create opportunities for a better future for themselves and their children.

Target Group

Direct beneficiaries

  • 160 to 180 children from the four communities will receive conventional and digital lessons for eight months.
  • 4,605 community members, including 2,058 children, receive support in the form of health camps, workshops, activities and events.


The program is designed to be community-led and participatory. Community members are involved in a variety of ways. By involving community members in the program, they are more likely to sustain it over the long term as they take ownership and feel accountable for its success. This will include training and empowering local leaders to continue providing services and support to the community after the project is complete. In addition, the project will seek to enroll the children in public schools and provide assistance to adults to successfully complete their training.

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