- Ratingen, Germany, January 9th, 2023 -

Seidor Argentina arranged for women in IT in leadership roles from different companies to meet and reflect on their professional development in the areas in which they work, reported by Norte en Línea

This is the second year that Seidor has carried out this initiative, continuing with the event that took place in December 2021 in order to promote instances of meeting, analysis and proposals for women in the world of technology.

With the accompaniment of Vanesa Cirigliano, Professional Ontological Coach, the participants from companies such as Club Atlético River Plate, Valkimia, Minera EXAR, Ocasa and SAP discussed the search for purposes and internal resources to apply to the workplace, in addition to working on management of fear and the incorporation of enjoyment into day-to-day work.

The relaxed, warm and trusting space generated by Silvia Pérez, Director of SEIDOR Argentina and María Laura Sotelo, Customer Service Manager of SEIDOR Argentina, promoted the exchange of experiences, comments and reflections on the different topics that were addressed during the meeting. .

“One of the most important axes of the event was to humanize through technology from the different places that we each occupy.” Perez stated. And she added “The beauty of the event was that it did not end there, but was the kickoff for different days in 2023 already planned among all the participants. This type of event brings us closer and enriches all of us.”

Seidor’s people-centric approach promotes the incorporation of women and young people who are starting their careers in the different business units. An example of this is that 42% of Seidor Argentina's employees are women - 12% more than average, according to data from the Ministry of Economic Development and Production of the City of Buenos Aires - and more than 20% of these women occupy hierarchical positions.

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