- 4th November 2020, Ratingen, Germany -

At the end of October, Ageless in Ukraine held a virtual conference titled “Effective Procurement and Supply 2020. New Reality: What Experts Emphasize”, in which procurement in the age of digital transformation with SAP was discussed. Ageless works to increase the expertise of Ukrainian specialists and to develop the community of Ukrainian buyers and CEOs in the procurement area. SAP Intelligent Spend Management Expert Andrey Polygaev was a speaker at the event, which discussed risks in supply chain security and how to manage strategic contracts in a pandemic. “The future of the purchaser as a professional, as a person and an expert is to find innovative ideas and, accordingly, to offer work options that differ from the previous ones. And the rapid development of technology will help in finding new effective solutions”.

Ctac in The Netherlands is strongly committed to innovation. Frank Koppen, Director of Innovation at Ctac expects the High Tech Software Cluster at Brainport Development, which Ctac has joined, to provide plenty of scope for this as the company transitions from being a traditional ERP supplier towards being an innovative business partner.

In their latest blog, Origo in Iceland gives an overview of the types of jobs that blockchain is being used for and this includes the logistics sector, for which blockchain is proving to be particularly useful. Logistics’ companies can streamline their supply chain by placing all transit records on a blockchain to identify patterns, thus avoiding duplications and anomalies in the system. Putting contracts on a blockchain turns them from a piece of paper into a set of rules that are enforced in real-time, which Origo believes is protecting businesses with Smart contracts.

Shipping is an industry Real Consulting in Greece offers SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Tableau as solutions to their customers, to help deal with the challenges faced in their daily maritime operations and diverse processes. Having successfully implemented business transformations and related IT implementations in the maritime industry, Real Consulting has acquired extensive experience in order to provide their customers with the support needed to better manage projects, equipment, workforce, and financial operations – and make more informed decisions quickly with access to real-time information.

Performing a logistics and distribution function as part of a new strategic partnership is Seidor in Peru. In its latest blog, we learn that it will market the Proaxia VSS solution, the distributor management solution based on SAP S4HANA, in the Latin American market from Lima. The agreement with Seidor gives Proaxia a new partner who, as a leading provider of SAP solutions, has a great knowledge of end-to-end processes in the sales and service network for vehicles and construction machinery and is familiar with the Latin American market.

Of interest, SAP continhguously invests in cargo transportation solutions, with a focus on enabling and managing intelligent processes in a digital world so as to increase efficiencies and lower costs enterprise-wide.

To conclude with our snapshot of United VARs Members involved in the procurement, supply chain and logistics areas, we will say that we are excited to see our members embrace new technologies and continue to work towards the common goal of making your international projects successful.

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