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Company size affects knowledge and existence of Agenda 2030 and SDGs

The findings reveal that sustainability is a concept associated, firstly, with the idea of “respecting the environment” and, secondly, with the efficient consumption of resources. Specifically, slightly more than half of Spanish companies associate sustainability exclusively with “caring for and respecting the environment.”

This conclusion is related to the varying degree of awareness of the 2030 Agenda reflected in the barometer, which a large proportion of the Spanish business sector is unaware of. Specifically, 44% of the companies consulted have heard of the 2030 Agenda and SDGs. When this variable is analyzed on the basis of company size, the vast majority (80%) of large companies are aware of the 2030 Agenda, a figure that is lower (some 25%) amongst SMEs.

Company size also affects the existence of a sustainability department. Whereas virtually no SMEs have a sustainability department, more than 60% of big companies have a well-established one.

Cost savings and reputation: factors that drive SDGs

According to the barometer, the two main reasons why companies started working on aligning themselves with the 2030 Agenda are cost savings and reputation. Thus, 54% of companies said they had introduced these sustainability policies to reduce costs because of the correlation between more efficient production processes and the lower energy costs. The second factor valued most highly for the promotion of sustainability policies in companies is the benefit for their brands and reputation, accounting for 53% of companies.

SDGs 7 and 12: the most valued

The report showcases that 55% of the companies surveyed are working particularly towards compliance with SDG 12 (sustainable consumption and production), and 51% with SDG 7 (increased use of affordable, safe, sustainable and modern energy.


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