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Our first major event of this year took place on 20 – 22 February at the office of All for One Group SE in Filderstadt in southern Germany. Alexander Herfort welcomed our members from 15+ countries.

United VARs has seven Centers of Excellence(CoE) bringing together global experts and resources from our alliance to focus on specific areas of expertise:

Cloud ERP CoE

Dr. Tamas Szirtes from SOA People: “Cloud ERP Center of Excellence had a very productive and fun event. We covered public cloud projects, strategies for IB customers, best practices for moving customers to S/4HANA Cloud, knowledge exchange with the BTP COE about clean core, Transformation Suite, AI, Sustainability, enablement priorities, and many more topics. Special thanks to all our United VARs CLC members who contributed to the discussions, to SAP for providing great support of our event, and to All for One Group SE for being a super host.”


Speaking about her experience of the BTP CoE, Lorraine Howell said: “From me, a special thanks to an amazing United VARs CLG BTP COE team for the excellent collaboration and camaraderie, and to the mentioned SAP members, we could not achieve what we do without you all!”

Responding, Steve Leung from Dynasys Solutions Limited said “I would like to extend a special thank you to Lorraine Howell and Alexander Herfort for their outstanding efforts in planning and executing the event. Their dedication, expertise, and attention to detail ensured that we had a seamless and enriching learning experience. Moreover, I would also like to express my appreciation to our SAP colleagues Peter von Linstow and Fritz Feltus who shared their insights and expertise during the event. Their contributions were invaluable in helping us stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI technology and its applications within SAP BTP. Once again, thank you to all involved in organizing and delivering this exceptional event. Your dedication and passion for continuous learning are truly inspiring. Let´s carry forward the knowledge gained and apply it to our BTP projects/IP products, driving innovation and success.”

Oldack Sérgio Rabelo Coutinho from SEIDOR Brasil acknowledged “significant days with my BTP CoE colleagues and all the other CoEs from United VARs, as well with SAP, sharing GenAI, BTP and cloud experiences and initiatives from Seidor Brasil.” Martin Pock from 2BM, part of SOA People thanked Oldack for sharing his insights on enterprise AI solutions and looks forward to continuing to work together.

Georg Krenn acknowledging the collaboration between All for One Group and all the other partners at United VARs, saying that it is “truly something special and the summit always sparks new ideas.” “The discussions around BTP and AI we had within our CoE. I can't wait to start working on the ideas with my Cloud ERT colleagues and transform the insights into business value for our customers.”

Thanawat Raibroycharoen, Chief AI Officer at Netizen responded with “Georg Kreen, you are the best mentor for BTP. Thank you” and George thanked Thanawat for sharing his success stories from Thailand. “Having a strong team is akin to being halfway to victory,” wrote Thanawat Raibroycharoen of Netizen Co.,Ltd.


Lukas Kerschbaum from All for One Customer Experience shared this photo of the CX CoE team adding that this was the “Best CoE Ever! Over two years I have been leading the CX CoE at UVARs and thanks to Florencia Bicain we were able to increase the size to 9 partners operating globally, who are regularly engaging and exchanging on SAP Customer Experience related topics.”

This week we met at the All for One Group´s headquarters in Filderstadt to:

  • Openly discuss the future of CX
  • Share the focus topics that we believe are key to our success
  • Soak up all that’s new from SAP’s CX strategy
  • Be blown away by all the AI stuff that is coming in H1 2024
  • Connect and have a great time with like-minded partners

Thanks to fellow CoE members Sergey Prokopov Pavels Koliskins David Molter Tom Bajonczak Giovanni Scardovi William Dunn and Sergey Dvoretskiy for joining onsite and online. It’s always great fun meeting you. Thanks to our friends from SAP Sven Feurer Michael Schär Frank Ulmerich Simon Dechent Marcus Schreiner Ana Corrales Peter von Linstow Fritz Feltus for enriching the days with your insights.

In response to Lukas’ words, Pavels Koliskins from Pearl Latvija said “What an inspiring week, Lukas Kerschbaum, and a huge thank you to United VARs, Alexander Herfort, Florencia Bicain, and the team for giving us the opportunity to meet with like-minded colleagues from all over the globe.“

Success Factors (SF) CoE

Fatih Innac, Detaysoft: “United VARs and All for One Group hosted the United VARs CoE teams from over 15+ countries, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration among the best global SAP solution partners. The event was marked by COE sessions brimming with valuable experiences, creating a community aiming for excellence. Intensive collaboration discussions on new projects and strategies took place with partners contributing to the SAP ecosystem.”

Knowledge transfer from SAP

Day 3’s focus was on collaboration and knowledge transfer from SAP on important topics for 2024, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is what #StrongerThanOne is all about, bringing together different perspectives and expertise to create something greater than the sum of its parts. To this end, a big thank you to all participants and speakers for addressing key topics relevant to our business. We are excited to see what the future will bring and to work together to accomplish great things.

Augusto Brito, Ctac Belgium: “Grateful to represent Ctac Belgium in this community. Once again it proved to be a great opportunity to exchange know-how and gain better insights in the SAP roadmap. All of this with one goal in mind: delivering better services for our customers.”

Steve Hewison from Winterhawk, Solution Partner of Unived VARs: “Fantastic event, well done United VARs, Alex and Flor, and our hosts All for One Group SE. We are #StrongerThanOne. Special thanks to Neil Patrick at SAP for presenting with Winterhawk on ESG and GRC and to Lorraine Howell from Syntax for sharing success stories.”

Feedback from CoE participants – we thank you!

Pallavi Rastogi, The Hackett Group thanked UVARs, “for the amazing opportunity to present at, exchange ideas with, and share knowledge within the COEs, in a summit attended by members from 15+ countries representing 18+ consulting partners.

Johannes Wagner, All for One Group SE said “It was so great meeting and working together with you, Pallavi, and meeting almost the whole global services key team in Filderstadt! #thinkglobalactlocal.”

Pavel Zhylko, ACBaltica: “I had a fantastic time at the United VARs COE Summit 2024 last week. It was wonderful to reconnect with colleagues from 15+ countries, engage in insightful conversations, exchange ideas, and discuss trending topics. It was inspiring to see how different regions approach common challenges and leverage unique opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of our industry. Together, we are #StrongerThanOne, and through sharing our vision and experience during such meetings, we can create something bigger and more valuable than just a sum of our efforts. I look forward to implementing the knowledge gained into our strategies moving forward. ”

Pascal Jobst, All for One Group & United VARs: “I'm excited that I was able to be part of the team that organized the first major event of the year for United VARs. It was a huge effort, but seeing the positive feedback from participants from over 15+ countries makes it all the more rewarding. The event was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new colleagues from across the United VARs network.”

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