Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, recently stated, “Together, as Intelligent Enterprises, we can turn the world’s biggest challenges into our greatest opportunities. The recent pandemic is a crisis that will drastically impact societies and business for months and probably years. Digital transformation is no longer an option, but a must.”

“No other company is more experienced than SAP to transform your business, because we have been doing this for almost 50 years. Our product strategy has one goal: to be the innovative and trusted partner for your holistic business transformation.”

An intelligent enterprise is an organisation which uses intelligent technologies such as AI to get actionable insights from huge volumes of real-time data. It is able to innovate constantly, faster than its competitors, and to keep on providing outstanding customer and employee experiences. It is profitable, resilient and future-proof.

The SAP HANA digital platform, and SAP’s intelligent technologies are accelerating digital transformation for organisations worldwide; helping them to integrate core business processes for full visibility and to improve efficiency through automation, machine learning, AI and IoT.

SAP solutions help every part of an organisation to digitally transform. For example:


In an Intelligent Enterprise, Finance benefits from greater productivity from intelligent automation and optimised workflows. It can provide the business with real-time insights, and the ability to understand the impact of decisions on profitability.


IT becomes a true partner to the business by transforming data into insight and driving continual improvement of the Intelligent Enterprise through machine learning, AI and automation.

Human Resources

In an Intelligent Enterprise, HR can join people management processes to the business goals to and use analytics to drive decision-making.

Customer Experience

An Intelligent Enterprise has a deep understanding of its customers and uses this to optimise engagement across all channels of communication, online and in person. This creates unique, connected customer experiences incorporating their preferences and interests.

Supply Chain

The digital supply chain places the customer at the centre of the Intelligent Enterprise and joins up business functions to create a unified brand experience.

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