Data Privacy and Protection for SAP

Data Privacy and Protection for SAP is SAP Analytics Cloud application designed for all SAP customers for monitoring and reporting on access to sensitive data. Solution provides easy to use visualizations, dashboards and detailed reports for data access. Solution can easily guide you to the information who had accessed a given sensitive information /e.g. payroll/.

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TeamIdea | United VARs member Russia

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SAP ERP Rollouts in BRICS Countries: Russia

What You Need to Know About ERP Integration in Russia

As the Russian economy goes, so goes the ERP market in Russia. Over ten years ago, the general perception of the Russian IT market was that exceeding sales expectations there was not exactly a walk in the park when compared with Western markets. However, some sizable opportunities were waiting there. Later, in 2015, the Russian IT industry was considered to be one of the fastest growing markets, with 50% of ERP market share belonging to SAP.

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United VARs

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Vast Potential for Growth in Asia

Vast Potential for Growth in Asia

5 Trends in 2018

AXXIS Consulting (Singapore), MIT (Myanmar) and Soltius (Indonesia) are the three new Asian member companies of United VARs that joined the alliance in 2018.

Asia represents a land full of opportunities, and last year showed the most robust performance globally. Not only one-third of the world’s largest economies are in the Asia, Pacific, and Japan region but Asia alone will add as much value as three Eurozones combined to the global economy in the next 25 years. Let’s take a closer look at upcoming trends for this year and beyond for the region.

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SAP Insider

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"United VARs is changing from being a consulting network to being a platform provider for our members and customers"

Detlef Mehlmann, Managing Director, talks about the network's achievements and further goals

Many companies today are finding themselves in need of guidance when it comes to tackling their biggest business challenges. With the help of its partner ecosystem, SAP is working to support customers in overcoming these issues. For example, take SAP’s global alliance with United VARs. United VARs received a 2017 SAP Pinnacle Award for Special Recognition Partner of the Year for demonstrating outstanding abilities in developing innovative solutions. Read this Q&A with Detlef Mehlmann, Managing Director of United VARs, to hear his thoughts on the network’s achievements and future goals:

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United VARs

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United VARs Receives 2017 SAP Pinnacle Award

»Special Recognition Partner of the Year«

Digital transformation: Small to midsize enterprises are expanding their global business and entering new markets with SAP S/4HANA / United VARs, the world’s largest and most innovative SAP reseller alliance, unites local strengths with global scale / Recognized for the first time with an SAP Pinnacle Award for its outstanding abilities in developing innovative solutions

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