Detaysoft | United VARs member Turkey

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Spotlight on... Detaysoft

Spotlight on... Detaysoft

United VARs member for Turkey

Fatih İnanç is the Director of Strategic Sales & Business Solutions at Detaysoft. He now lives in Istanbul with his wife and two children: a five-year old daughter and a son who is seven months old. Growing up in a town near Ephesus, surrounded by Hellenistic sites, inspired in him an enduring passion for archaeology and history.

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In Cloud Solutions | United VARs member UK

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Spotlight on... In Cloud Solutions

Spotlight on... In Cloud Solutions

United VARs member for UK

Caroline Atkinson is the Owner and Director of In Cloud Solutions Ltd, the largest SAP Business ByDesign specialist in the UK. She started the company during a recession in 2012 with Liz Matraves who was her colleague for many years on the SAP Business ByDesign presales team and is In Cloud’s Consulting Director.

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United VARs

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Disruptive Technologies:  Let's get Phygital

Disruptive Technologies: Let's get Phygital

The word disruption may have a negative connotation, however digital disruption is a positive movement for the technology world and can improve and transform a business model giving professionals the opportunity to re-engineer their organisation in a much more efficient and agile manner.

At the heart of all digital disruption is data, which fuels operational and digital transformation and we look at how some United VARs members collect data, platforms used to manage data and how data is made available.

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