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The Golden Tax System in China:

The Golden Tax System in China:

Q&A with Tracy Zhou, CEO Acloudear: What is it and what are the main challenges?

Doing business in China is an attractive as well as a delicate endeavour. In fact, the differences in the political, legal and social systems influence all areas of business and force the players that serve this market to move carefully. In this respect, companies wanting to do business in China should definitely become familiar with the Golden Tax System (GTS).

The main questions are: What is the GTS actually about? And what are main challenges for your rollout to China? Read this Q&A with Tracy Zou, CEO of Acloudear, the United VARs member for China and a SAP partner for global implementation projects to China.

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5 Countries, 5 Facts

Your SAP Roll-out to a BRICS country

BRICS is the acronym for the combined emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. They come from Asia, Africa, Europe and America, and are all members of the G20. Collectively they account for around 42% of the world’s population and around 26% of the world’s land mass. Analysts have speculated that by the year 2050, these five economies will be…

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"It is impossible to offer ByD in the Russian market": What You Need to Know About ERP Integration in Russia

"It is impossible to offer ByD in the Russian market": What You Need to Know About ERP Integration in Russia

SAP ERP Rollouts to the BRICS Countries: Russia

As the Russian economy goes, so goes the ERP market in Russia. Over ten years ago, the general perception of the Russian IT market was that exceeding sales expectations there was not exactly a walk in the park when compared with Western markets. However, some sizable opportunities were waiting there. Later, in 2015, the Russian IT industry was considered to be one of the fastest growing markets, with 50% of ERP market share belonging to SAP.

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