United VARs is uniquely placed to serve all types of SAP rollouts and integration challenges across the world. We have over 70 members in 100 countries, all of whom are SAP Platinum Partners and are recognised by SAP as one of the top SAP Value Added Resellers in their country. In addition, we have a growing team of solutions partners who also provide services and solutions to enhance SAP systems.

In addition to their excellent SAP software skills, the United VARs implementation members and solution partners have specific industry and business process knowledge that they’ve bundled into products. These products range from solutions for country-specific legal requirements to ways to improve specific processes within SAP systems. We wanted to make these SAP add-ons and extensions visible for the United VARs members and partners. In November 2020, we launched the United VARs cross-sales catalogue with the help of two of our members: B4B who designed the catalogue and TeamIdea who implemented it.

We originally intended the United VARs catalogue to be for our members. However, we soon realised that the catalogue is also a great way for the end customer to see what solutions have been created for global SAP rollouts by members of our alliance.

X-invoice and mobile warehouse apps

There are a couple of apps from the catalogue I’d like to highlight as examples of what’s available…

In Germany, as well as several other European countries, a PDF document is no longer accepted by the authorities as an electronic invoice (also known as X-invoice). All for One Steeb’s eInvoice app allows SAP Business ByDesign users to create and send X-invoices within the SAP system and without any additional effort. The app extends the functionality of SAP Business ByDesign to include additional fields and information relevant for X-invoicing, such as contact person information and shipper IBAN.

2BM’s Mobile Work Order is the perfect first step in the digital transformation journey for service and maintenance departments. It enables engineers to easily create and manage maintenance activities from their mobile devices and provides a graphical view on KPIs. 2BM Mobile Work Order runs on both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA.

Easy to use for members and customers

When any of our members are implementing SAP systems, they can check the catalogue to see if there’s a solution available for their specific need. Before we launched the catalogue, they would contact each of the United VARs members who had a specialism in the relevant process or industry to ask if they had created a solution. As you can imagine, using the United VARs catalogue is far quicker and easier.

Members and customers alike can use the catalogue to browse for solutions by industry, region or by the solution name if they know it. For the end customer, contacting their local United VARs member in the country they are headquartered in is the easiest way for them to enquire about any of the solutions they find on the catalogue. They are welcome to contact the solution owner direct if they prefer, but we recommend they use their local United VARs SAP specialist to access any of the products and services available from our global alliance.

By Alexander Herfort, Head of Business Development of United VARs


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