Many of you may know that the G20 stands for 'The Group of Twenty' (G20), and it is an international alliance that brings together the world's top 20 leading industrialised and emerging economies. As well as that on the 28th to 29th of June, the 14th annual G20 summit will be held in Osaka, Japan. Also If you are somebody who is interested in politics then you will certainly know some of the following facts, such as:

  • It is an yearly affair where G20 leaders unanimously discuss ways of boosting the global economy, creating jobs and development.
  • The G20 represents 64% of the world population.
  • G20 includes more than 20 countries. It has 19 members plus the European Union, along with additional guests every year.

So, what does United VARs have in common with the G20?

Well, we are no political organisation, and we definitely do not have allies in leading nations; however, we are an organisation that connects companies on a global scale to meet our customer's global SAP implementation needs. Despite this, we have found that there are actually some interesting similarities between the G20 and United VARs.

Firstly, who is United VARs?

United Value Added Re-sellers (VARs) is an international alliance of the world’s leading SAP consulting firms. To be part of this alliance, and to avoid competition among us, we have carefully picked the right member companies. These companies that were considered had to be within the top three for the most experienced, rewarded, and result driven SAP partners in their country. When you chose a United VARs member for your global roll out, you are choosing among one of the best SAP partners in that country. Additionally, this also means that your chosen partner is able to provide you with the best local resources and experiences.

Knowing this, what are the comparisons with United VARs and the G20?

There are some interesting similarities between the G20 and United VARs. Here are 5 interesting examples:

  1. Both are focused on having ‘leading’ members in their field to be part of the alliance. For example: economy’s Vs SAP consulting firms
  2. Both have yearly summits / meetings where the member’s leaders come together to discuss important topics related to their group / alliance. For example: global economies Vs. SAP and United VARs Check out our 2019 Annual Event Video
  3. Both are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their environment. For example: How to support sustainable growth by spurring innovation, generating efficiencies, and improving services Vs how to support the member's S/4HANA movement for their customers
  4. We both want to make a difference in this world. For example: G20's focus on global warming Vs United VARs Project WASH. Read more about our CSR Project: WASH
  5. Although we have over 50 members in 90 countries; and the G20 represents 47 countries (19 member countries plus the EU that has 28 countries), we both have members in Argentina (Seidor), Australia (DXC Oxygen), Brazil (Seidor), Canada (illumiti), China (Acloudear & Neusoft), France (SOA People, Augusta Reeves), Germany (All for one), India (Answerthink), Indonesia (Soltius), Italy (ICM.S), Japan (IPS), Mexico (Seidor), Republic of Korea (BSG Global), South Africa (Westrocon Seidor), Russia (TeamIdea), Saudi Arabia (Detaysoft), Turkey (Detaysoft), United Kingdom (In Cloud Solutions & Edenhouse Solutions), and United States of America (Seidor & Answerthink). As well and European Union countries such as Austria (Advanced & B4B Solutions, Belgium (SOA People), Cyprus (Real Consulting), Czech Republic (Mibcon), Denmark (2bm), Finland (Sofigate), Greece (Real Consulting), Hungary (BCS), Luxembourg (SOA People), The Netherlands (CTAC), Poland (SID), Portugal (Seidor), Romania (Red Point Software Solutions), Slovakia (Mibcon), Slovenia (Itelis), Spain (Seidor) and Sweden (Implema).

Can you think of anymore interesting similarities between the G20 and United VARs? Or are you interested in learning more about United VARs? Then Click here.


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