Over the past few months while many businesses have struggled to deliver, In Cloud Solutions saw those with strong systems already in place maintain a high level of service.

This was the comment from one of our customers, Lloyd’s Register; "Taking a moment to reflect on how 'lucky' we were at Lloyd's Register for having implemented an end-to-end cloud-based ERP before the global pandemic hit. It ultimately meant we could keep all our lights on during global lockdowns and continue to support our customers who themselves perform such essential functions for the world at the moment."

Businesses who failed to act on their digital plans must surely have regretted their lack of flexibility as they struggled to fulfil commitments during the crisis and competitors picked up the slack.

Successful businesses will keep digital plans on track

Many companies now see the benefits of digital technology and plan to bring forward plans to put improved ERP systems in place. Successful businesses will keep existing digital plans on track as they know it is still possible to overtake competitors who have been forced to slow down.

But some may be put off by the logistical challenges of embarking on a digital IT project in such an uncertain environment.

Vanilla implementations get customers live fast

At In Cloud Solutions, we have been able to go live with five implementations during these recent challenging months using remote working. We also have many more such projects in the pipeline.

The key to these projects has been to make things as straightforward as possible – what the technical teams call a vanilla implementation. By offering the best vanilla option and leaving the 57 varieties on the shelf for now we have been able to get businesses live fast so they don’t lose opportunities.

This has meant offering customers a solid pre-configured standard solution - with fewer variables so that the projects are quick and streamlined. Based on the solid financial core of SAP Business ByDesign, our SAP Qualified Partner Package Solution InCloud Express Financials allows customers to start seeing a return on their investment straight away.

For more bespoke needs, we have offered a phased approach to Business ByDesign where the financial core is implemented first and then more time is allocated to the next phases to understand and plan for these more complex requirements.

Efficiency first

Here are some the things we’ve learned about how to be more effective with remote working:

  • Remote working is not second best – Zoom/Microsoft Teams and similar videoconferencing tools are almost as good as in-person collaboration.
  • Get the right people involved – small groups are best when working remotely. Make sure you have input from people who know the businesses processes inside out as well as the people who have the power to make decisions.
  • Clarity of purpose – remind yourselves “Why are we here?” You need to focus attention on outcomes and not get distracted.
  • Clarity of communication – misunderstandings can cause delays. Written summaries of what has been agreed are vital.
  • Have a clear methodology – The gateways and milestones built into the SAP Business ByDesign implementation methodology are even more important than ever.

Without the luxury of longer face-to-face meetings, it’s important to be as efficient as possible. Small groups of people working together to a clear common agenda is the ideal approach to getting things done quickly and efficiently.

About In Cloud Solutions:

Established in 2012 In Cloud Solutions specialises in the Cloud ERP solution, SAP Business ByDesign and in SAP Analytics Cloud. The company has diverse technical and functional expertise across all sectors from manufacturing and wholesale distribution to chemicals, and professional services.

As a proud member of the United VARs, In Cloud Solutions has extended again into successful leadership of international projects, having the ability to roll-out projects for Global businesses (with 1,500 users or less) in a trusted and consistent manner. In Cloud Solutions is responsible for the implementation and support of 50+ Business ByDesign Customers worldwide.

By Lucy Thorpe, In Cloud Solutions


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