Uncertainty from financial services to manufacturing

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has attracted a good deal of attention globally and has left the rest of the world with a lot of questions – questions to which we ourselves do not yet have the answers.

How will we manage with threatened tariffs getting in the way of trade – what will become of London’s status as Europe’s financial capital – what does this mean for our legacy as a leading industrial nation? The fact is that no one knows what kind of a deal we will get or how attractive the UK will be to investors in a post-Brexit world.

However, despite all the talk and the speculation there has been a resilience about UK industry which many did not expect. Referring to warnings of Brexit disaster as “Project Fear”, the leading economist Ruth Lea - adviser at the Arbuthnot Banking Group - says; “Fortunately, “Project Fear” has been proved pretty groundless… growth has not collapsed, there has not been a recession. Unemployment has not shot up.” She goes on to say that despite the uncertainty and the possibility of a bad deal - “Trade is driven by commercial reality… trade with the EU would continue. And growth would continue.” So there is some optimism that economic sense will prevail on both sides.

Meanwhile the world of commerce keeps on turning. The UK tech sector continues to thrive with Facebook opening a new office in London last year creating 800 jobs - and the digital message to industry is getting louder every day.

The British government has been quietly promoting digital innovation as a lifeline for companies for some time. For example, the Digital Marketplace which aims to speed up digital transformation in the public sector and the UK Industrial Strategy which urges manufacturers to invest in digital technology – all part of measures to increase productivity and innovate for the future.

Digital modernisation - the key to the UK’s economic future

Digital providers like In Cloud Solutions are in a great position to step forward and help companies who want to position themselves for future digital success. We sell the SAP solution Business By Design, which as members of United VARS will already know, is specifically designed to meet the needs of companies as they grow.

Whether new clients are fast growing companies looking to scale up or midsize enterprises held back by legacy systems - cloud based digital has so much to offer.

In a post Brexit world those who do well will be those who look beyond a quick fix approach, which is why we are very proud to have a growing reputation for customer care.

By positioning ourselves as reliable business advisors we can offer our clients a partnership for the future which will be agile enough to make the most of opportunities as they arise and lasting enough to ride out whatever Brexit still has to throw our way. And of course with the added support of United VARs we are ideally placed to look beyond the European Union to make the most of every global opportunity that comes our way.

Author: Lucy Thorpe
Lucy Thorpe is chief business writer for In Cloud Solutions the UK member of United VARs.


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