What if you could work in a tech company where women are not only valued, but celebrated? Where you could find mentors, role models, and peers who support and inspire you. Where you could grow your skills, advance your career, and make a positive impact.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not for the women who work at All For One CX, a leader in digital transformation and customer experience technology solutions. In this article, we’ll look at how All For One Customer Experience Gmbh, known as All For One CX, sets new standards for women in tech, and how its female MD and WOMEN IN TECH initiatives inspire and empower female talent.

The tech industry is constantly changing and growing, as are the opportunities and obstacles for women in leadership roles. One female tech leader who knows this firsthand is Mira Murati, the chief technology officer of OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT and generative AI art platform, DALL-E. Mira made headlines in November 2023 when she became interim CEO, but her tenure only lasted a few days before the company reverted back to an all-male board.

Setting New Standards for Women in Tech

Statista's 2023 report states that the percentage of female leaders in tech companies worldwide reached an all-time high of 14% in 2022. Although there is progress, in 2015 the figure was 8%, this statistic reveals a significant leadership gap that is more pronounced in the technology sector than in many other industries.

All For One CX, part of the All For One Group, is committed to closing this gender gap. Based in Germany, with market unit ‘hubs’ in Austria, Egypt, and Turkey, All For One CX is a leader in digital transformation and customer experience technology solutions for midsize organisations.

With women comprising 41% of its workforce and 26% of its leadership, All For One CX is redefining the norms of the tech industry. In its Egypt office, women hold an impressive 75% of leadership positions. These figures reflect of All For One CX's continual efforts to create an inclusive and diverse work environment.

All For One CX’s WOMEN IN TECH Initiative

Inspired by hearing All For One CX’s joint Managing Director, Gerlinde Wiest-Gümbel’s, experiences as a woman in a male-dominated industry, Sandra Kaupa, a marketing expert at All For One CX, was moved to action.

Sandra says, "Over coffee one day, Gerlinde shared her story with me and a few other colleagues. Hearing how she struggled to fit into a male-dominated industry and experienced imposter syndrome, despite her obvious abilities and success, was the spark that ignited our WOMEN IN TECH initiative at All For One CX”.

Launched in May 2023, the initiative is part of the group-wide WOMEN@ALLFORONE network that provides education, training, and support for female talent within the group. Its family-friendly policies include flexible working and job sharing to enable women to develop their careers at the All For One Group without compromising their family commitments.

"All For One CX’s WOMEN IN TECH is more than just showcasing achievements within our own company”, Sandra continues, “It’s about creating a space for women to find their voice and a platform to share their stories globally, to provide inspiration and actionable advice to other women. To encourage them to embrace their differences and to have the confidence to go for leadership roles. Also, to attract women into the tech industry. To show them what’s possible in tech companies that truly live and breathe gender equality”.

A Female Tech Leader’s Journey from Self-Doubt to Empowerment

A recent study by KPMG revealed that 75% of female executives across various industries have encountered imposter syndrome at some point in their careers. Imposter syndrome is the experience of doubting one's abilities or accomplishments, despite evidence of success. It was initially termed the 'imposter phenomenon' in a 1978 study on high-achieving women.

All For One CX’s MD, Gerlinde, says, "I often felt overshadowed by my male colleagues, despite having been a top student at University and achieving success in my career. I struggled with continual self-doubt and worried that others would see me as just a girl among the 'proper' male engineers.

Her initial strategy was to blend in with her male peers, swapping her colorful fashion for suits in muted colors. However, Gerlinde soon realized the power of embracing her uniqueness. " I learned that my femininity brought a different, much-needed perspective to our workspace. It was about embracing the fact that I stand out, not trying to fit in".

The Power of Authenticity and Embracing Imperfection

Gerlinde emphasizes the importance of authenticity and accepting your imperfections. “Understanding that imposter syndrome is part of your professional journey can actually fuel your quest for excellence. It’s not a weakness; it’s an acknowledgment of your ambitions. Building a robust support network is vital in overcoming feelings of solitude and realizing that even the most successful women have doubts and uncertainties. In fact, leaders and employees of all genders do.

"In the past, I admired women in tech who seemed flawless. Now, I understand the power of being a role model who embraces imperfection. As a mother, a wife, and a female leader in tech, I think it’s important to openly share my challenges and struggles. I do this in our Women in Tech meetings of course, but also on social media. It shows other women that success isn't about perfection but about persisting through challenges and recognizing and using your unique talents.

"Women must remind themselves that everyone has weaknesses, even those who seem outwardly perfect. Confidence comes from awareness of your strengths. Don’t be afraid of your differences. You can stand out not from your appearance. Remember, standing out as the colorful ball in a basket of gray balls is actually an advantage."

Gerlinde believes that the visibility and accessibility of female leaders in tech is a game-changer for other women. "Seeing women in leadership roles and having them as mentors is inspiring. It makes the leadership journey seem more achievable and less daunting".

Growing a Global Community

The company’s WOMEN IN TECH initiative is growing beyond its initial scope, evolving into a larger, more interconnected program beyond AllForOne CX. Sandra Kaupa says, "It's amazing how this initiative is blossoming. We have started connecting with other ‘women in tech’ groups, like the one at SAP and Women@DSAG (a German SAP User Group). The idea is to support and learn from each other".

This collaborative approach extends to United VARs, an alliance of 70+ SAP partners that work together on global SAP implementations, of which All for One is a founding member. " Having United VARs support our initiative is a game-changer. It really helps to raise the visibility of women in the technology industry across our wider, global SAP partner network,” she adds.

Sandra elaborates, "We're not just about events or meetings. We're building a community that genuinely values diversity and inclusion. It's about creating a space where everyone, men and women, feel they're part of something meaningful". She continues, “Our upcoming plans include the introduction of mentorship programs, designed to provide guidance and support for women in the tech field. We also want to do some outreach to the younger generations and bring the inspiring stories of our female tech leaders into our local schools and colleges. We hope to motivate and encourage female students to explore and consider careers in the tech industry”.

About United VARs

United VARs is a global alliance of SAP implementation partners and solution providers for the mid-market. With over 70 members in 100 countries, the alliance serves all types of SAP rollouts and integrations across the world. The organization provides businesses with local expertise ‘on the ground’ charged at local rates. All United VARs members work together as one team to provide a more personalized service than other global systems integrators can, and one that is better suited to mid-market budgets.


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