The corona virus causes great uncertainty for globally operating companies in China. But that does not mean that you should stop all business operations. However, travel prohibition and restricted business operations means that companies with SAP deployment in China need to access local resources.

China: Corona in the global spotlight

China's economy is in the global spotlight, however, this time not due to immense economic growth, it’s outstanding sales, or patents in the digital field. Since the beginning of 2020, fear has spread due to the corona virus. Public life is heavily restricted, restaurants and shops have closed, and with the extension of holidays after the Chinese New Year, companies have also shut down their operations or local production plants remained closed.

What impact does this have on international companies?

Corona virus has impacted over million companies worldwide. Many companies have suspended its business in China, global supply chains are disrupted, and goods are no longer being shipped. For Germany, the USA, Japan and other world markets; China is one of the most important trading partners. The production conditions in China are outstanding for Western companies, but now the fear of corona as well as the conditions and restrictions in China is immensely overwhelming most companies. Well-known international companies in China have shut down their operations or closed stores such as H&M, McDonanld's, or VW.

Large corporations can last longer, but what about medium and small businesses that may not be able to afford being out of business for long?

An isolated country – what does that mean for global cooperation?

Employees of international companies are being withdrawn from China and traveling is prohibited. This also applies to Chinese employees of global companies. So, how are cooperation projects supposed to keep on working?

SAP China also kept its branches closed after Chinese New Year holiday. However, employees were still able to work from home. The situation is similar with QZing, who is an SAP partner for midsize companies and meanwhile a member of the United VARs alliance.

"We have not discontinued our operations and always respond to our customer quickly. Employees can do home office or work side by side with the customers. One of our customers produces vital materials for the forehead thermometer, who must resume production under the request of government from the beginning of February. QZing consultants are under medical protections when working onsite with the customer to make sure the ERP implementation is ongoing smoothly. QZing, our customers and partners, we are all united as one in fighting this war!" says Minnie Yin, Marketing & Alliance Responsible for QZing Technology.

What does this mean for an SAP rollout to China or an existing project? Does it have to be interrupted? The travel activity does, but the SAP partners of the United VARs network have a great advantage: They have a long-term cooperation within the United VARs network and the local partners in China such as Acloudear (China mainland), QZing Technology (China mainland), DynaSys Solutions (Hong Kong) and Systex (Taiwan).

Ronnie Sung, Director of DynaSys Solutions, states: "The strength of United VARs is our global cooperation experience and provision of local resources for SAP projects. As part of the United VARs network, we are committed to supporting our global partner network, and we do this by continuing to provide local resources, support and advice; our United VARs partners and their customers do not have to travel, but can keep their operations ongoing”.

"Because of the effective control with the Corona Virus, many enterprises have begun to resume work successfully. Acloudear’s employees have been working normally under the well prepared and considered safety conditions. As a member of United VARs, we could support other members to continue their projects in China. We always believe in that we could work together and be stronger than one." says Tracy Zhou, CEO of Acloudear.

What can the United VARs members in China and China mainland provide?

With the support of United VARs (the leading alliance of SAP solution provider), QZing, Acloudear, DynaSys and Systex continue to provide the state-of-the-art ERP solutions in China, allow customers to transform their business faster, reduce their cost of operations, empower their staff to develop a best practices for increasing productivity.

As leading SAP solution providers in their local markets, they offer:

  • Support and Help Desk Service – With the certificate of SAP’s Certified Partner Centre of Expertise (PCOE), we developed the best-practice IT processes and management tools to support our customers. It is the best way to save money on IT costs.
  • Implementation service – We have professional team and advanced methodologies to maximize the full ERP life cycle of local and global enterprises. You can rest assured that you can focus your own businesses.
  • Application Development Service – We provide custom-built mobile app solutions to meet our customers’ needs and specific IT environment.
  • Managed Service – Our experienced dedicated team can offer proficient managed services to our customers. we can ensure our customers’ IT systems running at optimal levels.
  • Outsourcing Service – Leveraging our deep IT management knowledge, we can accurately and quickly assess job requirements and required core competencies for IT staff. It helps save our customers’ time and money.

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