Companies grow, change, and adapt to new requirements. The latter has an impact not only on the IT landscape and work formats, but especially on the way employees, departments and project teams work together. Hence, two scenarios illustrate what can go wrong.

Scenario one: Sales staff must make decisions on site at the customer's premises, but if access to the required documents is not possible, they are not up to date. If no one can be reached for information, this slows down the decision-making process significantly. Real-time looks different.

Scenario two: Cross-departmental teams in the business project want to bring customer-specific requirements to a successful conclusion quickly. However, data silos and lack of interfaces make collaboration difficult. Productivity looks different.

So, what is the problem with collaboration beyond the boundaries of Microsoft Teams and SAP Sales Cloud? That's right: integration. You can easily change that and get real added value for your company with CTI.

Microsoft Teams Integration at a glance

More efficient work environment thanks to integration of teams in Sales Cloud

At B4B Solutions we have redefined efficiency and thus brought together the best of two worlds as an add-on: the integration of Microsoft Teams into the SAP Sales Cloud. The combination of the professional work environment of the SAP Sales Cloud with the user-friendly collaboration functions of Microsoft Teams brings invaluable advantages: workflow becomes more focused, communication within the team is facilitated, data management is optimized, the sales cycle is decisively shortened, and the customer experience is improved many times over. Sounds good?

Get rid of the complex silos, bring on the 360° view

A typical everyday scenario of a sales employee makes the advantage of the integration of MS Teams in SAP Sales Cloud even clearer. As a sales employee, you often must make sales and customer-oriented decisions on-site at the customer's location. Thanks to the 360° SAP customer view and our add-on, the focus is always on the customer.

This means that customer-specific information can be accessed centrally, documents can be found more quickly, processed more efficiently, and stored more easily. When documents are shared across the company, data quality is better and complex, high-maintenance and cumbersome data silos are avoided. This improves collaboration across departments, especially with colleagues who may not have access to the Sales Cloud.

Better communication also means less stress

With our add-on, employees from sales, finance, marketing, etc. can communicate with each other in a focused way throughout the sales and project processes. They create shared documents, contracts, etc. for joint access. Knowledge transfer takes place directly on the business asset, whether via MS Teams, SharePoint Online, SAP Sales & Service Cloud or S/4HANA. Moreover, every employee will appreciate the positive side effect of concentration not being permanently interrupted or distracted. After all, a study by Michigan State University has confirmed that constant disruptions cause stress and have a negative impact on work results.

This is New Work in an introductory package

Now, would you like to know how you can ensure more productivity and efficiency in your sales and business projects as quickly as possible? We have designed an introductory package for companies which allows you to experience New Work through various introductory scenarios. This allows you to create a modern working environment for your employees and teams that will motivate them to achieve top performance and inspire your customers.

Combine the cumulative expertise of Microsoft Teams and SAP with our introductory package and work from the environment you are used to:

  • Document storage: revise documents for SAP business asset quickly and easily, coordinate with colleagues and store them centrally in SharePoint.
  • Collaboration: Familiar MS Teams functions that streamline the communication and information process in the team are seamlessly integrated.
  • Chat: When time is of the essence, private chat message is the preferred means of gaining information. It is even faster if the private message is triggered directly from SAP Sales Cloud!
  • Telephony: Start outbound calls conveniently from SAP Sales Cloud using CTI MS Teams and thus have all information on accounts and opportunities directly in view.

SAP Sales Cloud and Microsoft Teams - how to use the right building blocks now. Free initial consultation with demo: Your individual entry-level MS Teams package for SAP Sales Cloud (



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