VISUfarma is an ambitious and fast-growing pharmaceutical eye care company with 175+ employees. Founded in Rome in 1996, its head office is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has offices in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The company chose to accelerate its digital transformation with SAP expert ICM.S who is the United VARs member for Italy. ICM.S has more than 200 specialists and has a strong reputation for excellence in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

SAP Business ByDesign is a Cloud-based ERP solution which enables mid-market companies to digitise their business while reducing complexity and costs. ICM.S managed to migrate VISUfarma to the new ERP system within 6 months and without any disruption to their business. VISUfarma’s Head of Finance, Gabriele Merico, says the project has fast-tracked the organisation’s digital transformation to evolve "from the stone age to the future".

The company now has an entire view of their supply chain, in real-time, from product production and availability to warehousing and sales. This has enabled the organisation to successfully navigate the recent global economic challenges.

VISUfarma had started to look for a solution because it wanted to improve the availability and accuracy of its business data without having to search in various spreadsheets and emails. The organisation also needed to unify its subsidiaries onto a common platform to harmonise processes across the company and to provide a complete 360-degree view of the business.

Gabriele is delighted with the results. He says, “From an accounting system unable to track logistical flows to and from warehouses, suppliers and customers, we moved on to SAP Business ByDesign, literally revolutionizing the way we work. The implementation of SAP’s cloud-based ERP required ICM.S consultants to carefully work on change management to optimise our interaction with the new system. Thanks to the new system, we can now manage constantly evolving data and share it with multiple people simultaneously”.

VISUfarma is also enjoying the following benefits from the SAP Business ByDesign implementation:

  • Automated workflows, enabling time savings, greater accuracy and integrated processes across the organisation
  • Being able to monitor and track batches produced at individual depots
  • More efficient and faster handling of the full order-to-cash process including orders, shipments and invoices
  • The ability to reconcile inventories, sales and returns even at non-owned depots
  • Having more funds, due to the resulting cost savings, to put towards key areas such as research, development and innovation
  • Reporting, modelling business scenarios and interacting with real-time data at any time, from any location and on any device

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