United VARs members are reporting a recent increase in enquiries from SAP ECC6 customers wanting to bring forward their migration to SAP S/4HANA. This Intelligent ERP enables enterprises to unlock the insights in their data and know what changes to make for increased business value and productivity. According to SAP, S/4HANA customers typically experience a 10%–40% boost in productivity.

COVID-19 has made digital transformation more essential and urgent. It is key for organisations to move away from people-based processes and to become more resilient and adaptive in these rapidly changing times.

Companies can’t meet the challenges created by the pandemic, or adapt quickly to any future disruptions, using aging technology. There is a growing sense that if they leave it too long to take advantage of modern innovations then they will get left behind by more forward-thinking competitors.

Many organisations are now starting their move to SAP S/4HANA because they want to integrate processes, automate tasks, and improve operational efficiency and agility while also predicting market trends, developing business innovations, and building new business models.

How do you continue to drive growth in a world of disruption?

Clayton Christensen, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, is recognised by Thinkers50 as the number one management thinker in the world. Clayton says, “Breaking an old business model is always going to require leaders to follow their instincts. There will always be persuasive reasons not to take a risk. But if you only do what worked in the past, you will wake up one day and find that you’ve been passed.”

Businesses are now waking up to the fact that creating new business models is a necessity if they are to thrive and grow. SAP S/4HANA users have reported 10%–20% growth in revenue from new offerings and a 10%–20% improvement in customer satisfaction (source: SAP).

With real-time planning, reporting, simulation and analysis, companies using Intelligent ERP solutions like SAP S/4HANA can better anticipate what consumers will want tomorrow, in a month and further into the future. This insight makes it easier to react to evolving markets and competitors, and to offer new customer engagement models.

Automate processes and do business in real-time

Can your current ERP support the intelligent processes the business needs? If not, it could be time to simplify your architecture and deliver more business value at a lower cost. Moving to SAP S/4HANA enables you to automate business processes and deliver real-time information across the whole business – either on-premise or in the cloud.

SAP Customers who have moved to SAP S/4HANA have typically reported:

  • 30% shorter delivery lead time
  • 48% Reduction in days sales outstanding
  • 60% Increase in operational efficiency
  • 80% Faster report generation
  • 95% Faster material requirements planning
  • 100% Visibility of inventory across all locations
  • 75% decrease in total cost of ownership
  • 50% reduction in data footprint

<Source: SAP>

Help to plan and execute your move to Intelligent ERP

Innovation and digital transformation are now key priorities for many organisations. The pandemic has shown that being able to adapt and do more with fewer resources, while delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences, is more important than ever.

United VARs members can help you plan and execute your move to SAP S/4HANA. They can provide a range of tools and services to help you prepare the business case, check your technical readiness, choose the transition path that’s right for you and deliver your move to the next generation of Intelligent ERP from SAP.

Find the right partner for your S/4HANA implementation.

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