The United VARs member for Turkey, Detaysoft, has developed a Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) package for Intelligent Enterprises which is now available on the United VARs premium solutions catalogue.

Z-Pack+ is an SAP Qualified Partner Package which enables companies to manage budgets from anywhere in the world. It contains budgeting and management templates to implement the ZBB approach on SAP Analytics Cloud. It’s a great way for businesses to mitigate risks, optimise costs and boost their performance.

Unlike traditional budgeting, which involves calculating spending from previous periods, Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) is focused on the future and starts budgets from zero. Companies using ZBB don’t use last year’s budgets. Instead, they analyse the needs of each operation to determine the resources they need to achieve their strategic priorities.

This method ensures that managers think deeply in each budgeting period about how every dollar is spent. It encourages them to justify all operating expenses and analyse which areas of the organisation are generating revenue.

Z+Pack is a fast and flexible solution with user-friendly interfaces which provides visual dashboards and automated calculations on the SAP Analytics Cloud platform. Z+Pack integrates rapidly and easily with any system, right out of the box.

As part of the Z+Pack package, Detaysoft tailors the budget screens and reporting interfaces to the organisation and will define flexible authorisations which align with the company’s organisational chart.

About Detaysoft

Detaysoft is an SAP Platinum Partner and the United VARs member for Turkey. Detaysoft has more than 20 years’ experience helping organisations to achieve their business goals with SAP technology. It is the largest SAP solution partner with 100% Turkish capital and has 350 active customers. Detaysoft has successfully completed over a thousand SAP projects to date. Its SAP specialisms include ERP and Digital Core, Digital Platform, Supply and Network Chain, Analytics, Customer Experience, IoT and Digital Supply Chain, Human Resources and Finance.


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