We asked some of our United VARs members what advice they have for leaders of SMEs who are embarking on digital transformation.

Javier Navarro, Director, Seidor LATAM: You need to make sure you’re in safe hands with the digital transformation technology partner you choose. Check their references, make sure they have experience, and can demonstrate how they’re helping other companies digitally transform. The application landscape is so heterogeneous today, that it’s important to understand how you can combine all these different pieces together to make it productive for your specific organization.

Ronnie Sung, Managing Director, DynaSys Solutions (Hong Kong, Macau & China):

Start small, think big. Select a small project, a small area to digitally transform and aim for a short project timeframe, let's say six months. Once you can see the result and the benefits, you can roll out from there. Digital transformation is a journey. One that you should never stop. It’s an ongoing process, a continual evolution.

Alexander Gallmetzer, CEO, Derga Consulting (Italy): Transformation involves business processes and people as well as technology. So, it’s important for you, the customer, to get advice from experienced implementors on how you can enhance your business through technology, and how you can connect the business and uncover actionable insights from your business data in real-time. This means you need to change the approach from enquiring about the technological features and implementation and instead first have conversations about the business benefits you’re looking for and where your processes can be streamlined and automated.

Jörgen Aronsson, CEO, Implema Solutions (Sweden): It’s important to talk about change management before the rollout. Don't run with the technology first, find out what problems the management team is facing and what new technology could potentially solve. Ask them what’s on the top of their lists for possibilities that it could create. Really go out and ask the business for input.

Lukas Kerschbaum, Managing Director, B4B Solutions (Germany): We specialize in digital transformation of the customer experience journey. I’d advise any small or midsize organization to think big, start small, but most of all to start. Have a vision of where you want to be. An experienced technology partner will be able to help you to create that vision and deliver a seamless customer experience that sets you apart from the competition. It’s also really important to look at the customer experience across the various touchpoints along the whole lead-to-cash process. You need to take into consideration marketing activities, sales operations, service processes and map it all out. It’s a good idea to start small because it's so important to make the first step and learn as you go along.

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