According to a recent Global CEO study by the IBM Institute of Business Value, 56% of CEOs emphasize the need to aggressively pursue operational agility and flexibility. However, most midsize companies have complex technology landscapes and rigid systems which hold them back from being able to innovate quickly and cost-effectively. This makes it extremely difficult for them to respond appropriately to market changes and customer demands.

A modular approach is the key to conquering complexity. For a company to be agile, it needs to have a streamlined, real-time tech environment which is highly modular and cloud-based. To help organisations to achieve this, SAP created the Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) with SAP S/4HANA at its core. It provides a platform to build intelligent, mobile-ready applications to modernize business processes and deliver innovation to customers.

If you download a new fitness app onto your phone, you wouldn’t worry that it could mess up any core functionality such as the calendar or messaging. This is same approach that SAP has taken with the SAP BTP integration layer. It allows users to accelerate the development of cloud apps without interfering with any of the core functions such as ERP. This means organisations can innovate and adapt to change with the agility of a startup.

SAP BTP is the foundation of the Intelligent Enterprise As the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise, SAP BTP is an open platform for the entire SAP ecosystem and is suitable for both Cloud and hybrid environments. The platform runs in any of the main hyperscaler cloud environments for flexibility and helps to integrate the organisation’s different SAP systems with popular enterprise solutions from other vendors.

SAP BTP consumption credits, called ‘Cloud Credits’, are included in the RISE with SAP ‘business transformation as a service’ offering which fast-tracks the move to SAP S/4HANA for small and midsize customers.

The business benefits of SAP BTP include:

  • Optimizes and automates your business processes
  • Provides a single version of the truth
  • Reduces your departmental silos
  • Facilitates rapid innovation

The four main pillars of SAP BTP Businesses can scale up at their own pace and pay for what they use without having to pre-buy specific components before deploying. This frees them to experiment more with SAP BTP consists of 4 main pillars:

  • Database & data management
  • Analytics
  • Application development & integration
  • Intelligent Technologies

SAP BTP unifies intelligent technologies such as AI, ML, IoT and RPA with database and data management, analytics, integration and extension capabilities. It includes hundreds of pre-built integrations for SAP and third-party applications.

Customers can take advantage of prebuilt bots, UX components, and low-code and no-code development capabilities to rapidly build and enhance applications and processes across the value chain.

SAP is now using BTP for everything new that they’re creating. So, any customer using this platform will be in a strong position to take advantage of all the newest innovations as they happen.

Are you a growing, global company wanting to accelerate your digital transformation across multiple countries? Contact your local United VARs member to discuss moving to SAP S/4HANA and for more information on RISE with SAP.


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